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Canyon Europe, the only UK-based manufacturer of trigger sprayers, has brought more manufacturing capability to its plant in Northern Ireland.

The CHS 3A, previously known as the CHS 3AN, which was originally produced at the Company’s parent facility in Japan, has been transferred to Europe opposing the global trend of outsourcing manufacturing to Asia.

Canyon’s prestige professional cleaning sprayers the CHS 3A and the CHS 5A are sold worldwide and are renowned in the market place as being the highest quality and the preferred choice of management facilities companies. The products are recognised as problem solvers and are real value for money.

The demand for these products has been growing between 5% and 8% per year which prompted the Canyon Group to invest in new tooling to meet this demand and the requirements of this market.

Hugh Ross, Managing Director, commented on the move,

‘This is a real game changer for our customers, the market and for the company and will be the catalyst for further growth in new markets.  Canyon has invested in new moulds and fully automated assembly that incorporates state of the art testing methods to ensure the highest product quality of function and performance that our customers expect when they use Canyon products. When we shared our plans with our customers and global partners their message was loud and clear, ‘Please don’t change anything! Your products are perfect and their performance is world class’, and that exactly what we have done; even adding in a few improvements to product verification along the way. I am confident that our growth expectation will be realised and our products will continue to serve all the needs of our customers and the end user.’

In order to assist with the investment of the machine, the company has received money from Invest NI under the ERDF’s EU Sustainability Competitiveness Programme 2007 grant. One of the stipulations of receiving this grant is that the company will continue to employ local people in order to help its local economy.
Production in the UK will benefit from greater efficiencies allowing a larger capacity of the CHS 3A than previously.

The move will see the same high quality product being delivered to Canyon’s customers with the only visual change of the filter at the end of the tube. The new filter will allow the tube to reach into the corner of any bottle ensuring every last drop of the liquid is used.

The CHS 3A will now be delivered to Canyon Europe’s customers in a shorter time allowing them to have greater flexibility when planning deliveries and reduce stock holding. The company plans to have a similar lead-time as the T-95 consumer sprayer currently produced in the UK.
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