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Introducing the T014; Advanced Pre-compression Trigger Sprayer

Canyon Europe's T014 pre-compression trigger sprayer is now in full production. 

The T014 represents an advance on pre-compression trigger sprayers currently available on the consumer market, with technology designed to make liquid dispensing easier and safer.

A more powerful pre-compression pump than its competitors allows the T014 to deliver superior performance across all market categories. For example in the Air and Fabric Care market, where an even particle size distribution is paramount, the T014 is the ideal choice for this task.

After extensive liquid compatibility trials of 120 days + at 40 degrees Celsius. the T014 proved to function well with aggressive liquids at both the 'low and high' ends of the pH scale, crucial for our customers in the Janitorial sector who commonly use multipurpose degreasers.

As one of the market leaders in the Home and Garden Care market, Canyon Europe's T014 will bring levels of safety not yet experienced as the liquid is dispensed with a high enough force to ensure delivery clear of the nozzle, which eliminates any drips falling on the user's hand.

Unlike other sprayers on the pre-compression market, the performance of the sprayer does not deteriorate over time, ensuring the user always has a positive experience when they use your product. 

Enhance your brand identity with our premium dispensing solution. 

With short production runs and lead-times, give our sales team a call today on +44 (0)28 9084 1917!

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