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About us

Trigger sprayers est. 1952.
Right here. By us.

The home of innovation. The home of functional design.
The home of the trigger sprayer.


In 1952 we created the trigger sprayer.

Since then we have developed a range of innovative and environmentally friendly dispensing systems. Canyon Europe has successfully grown and developed with a product range covering a wide range of sectors, taking the world wide market by storm through our network of distributors and direct selling.

About Us

Established in Japan over six decades ago, the Canyon Group adopted a core value of Makoto (Integrity).

As the inventor of the trigger sprayer, The Canyon Group has been instrumental in the development of non-gaseous liquid dispensing technology, enabling millions of users to live and work efficiently while protecting the environment.

Our mission

To design, develop and manufacture high quality dispensing products that are both beneficial to society and environmentally friendly.

Our vision

To be the global market leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative, competitively priced products, that create a great user experience and add real value for our customers. As the pioneers of trigger sprayer development, Canyon have been trusted to deliver best in market quality, function and service to our loyal customers for more than 60 years. That’s why we put our name on every product we make!

Our Company History

  • 1959

    Our visionary founder, Tetsuya Tada, developed the world’s first trigger sprayer. This innovative creation not only revolutionised household liquid dispensing but also reshaped industrial, medical and agricultural practices.

  • 1963

    Canyon Corporation was established in Tokyo, Japan. Tetsuya Tada instilled the principle of Makoto (Integrity) across the company. This still stands today, every move, advancement and decision is empowered by this core value.

  • 1971

    Our world renowned industrial Sprayer, the CHS-3AN, hit the market. Suitable for heavy duty tasks, this design allowed professional tasks to be carried out safely and efficiently.

  • 1974

    Canyon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in St. Louis, USA, later rebranding as Continental Sprayer and establishing itself as a global provider of solutions to the industrial, healthcare, educational, and government markets.

  • 1978

    After seeing weaknesses in existing consumer-facing products, our Consumer Sprayer T-7500 was developed, providing the quality, performance and durability that other consumer sprayers lacked.

  • 1986

    Following our successes in Europe and Japan, Canyon Europe Ltd. was established in Belfast, N.I. This was an exciting new chapter for the company, with the Canyon name gaining traction and recognition across global markets.

  • 1995

    Developed Pre-Compression Sprayer T-9400. The pre-compression design eliminates the problem of leaks and drips and ensures a fantastic and consistent spray pattern.

  • 2008

    In the year we celebrated 20 years of Canyon Europe, we won the Queen’s Award for International Export Achievement, recognising our efforts in international trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

  • 2018

    A big year for the company, as Canyon Europe continued to grow and thrive, we launched the world’s first thumb sprayer, Poseidon, and established Canyon Asia Ltd. in Chonburi, Thailand

  • 2022

    We launched our lightweight and recyclable global trigger sprayer “Minerva T-22”, which offers a sustainable solution for liquid dispensing, designed with durability in mind for reusability.

Core Values



We build trust with all of our stakeholders through responsible actions and honest and open relationships, with the aim of making our customers successful and our employees valued.



We never compromise on Quality and we strive to continually improve our high standards in all aspects of the business. We support sustainable and safe methods of manufacturing and endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment.



One Canyon. We recognise our employees are our best asset. We look out for each other and we invest in their wellbeing. By nurturing inclusiveness and working together, across all levels of the business nothing is impossible.

Spray group

Innovation is key for survival.

In this fast-paced industry where technology continuously advances, we keep up by staying ahead. We have facilities for CAD, mould design, finite element analysis, polymer and rapid prototyping. We work alongside the Polymer Processing Research Center at Queen’s University Belfast, and the Northern Ireland Polymer Association.