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Global Leader in Dispensing Products

Our vision goes far beyond trigger sprayers.

We exist to create positive change across the board.

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Our spray technologies

Minerva T-22

Lightweight recyclable triggered designed for universal use and sustainability. Made from one polyolefin.


A world first. A new approach to dispensing. Introducing our thumb activated sprayer.


An all-plastic trigger sprayer designed for use across all sectors. Its quality and versatility give it the edge with any liquid.


The world renowned trigger sprayer, the preferred choice for professionals. A smarter choice.

CHS-3A (Super)

Manufactured from carefully selected and rigorously test materials.


A new sleek look for your brand but with the same unbeatable quality, performance and reliability. Performance you can depend on


High-quality pre-compression trigger sprayer that gets even the toughest jobs done with ease.



Simple but effective cleaning made possible with Canyon.

For over 60 years, our dispensing solutions have been supplied the household chemical and care markets. Our products stand out on shelves and perform impeccably with most household chemical and cleaning agents.



Designed for reusability.

We plant the seeds for industry advancements, helping practices across the globe to develop and change for the better. We are always happy to be the first to take the plunge while carefully considering the impact of our next move.