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Minerva T-22

Minerva T-22

Lightweight recyclable triggered designed for universal use and sustainability. Made from one polyolefin.


  • All plastic is made of one polyolefin and is highly recyclable.
  • Designed with sustainability in mind, it provides high levels of durability for reusability.
  • Pre-compression eliminates drips.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design comprising only 10 components.
  • Innovative venting system to improve the quality of the trigger.
  • Pre-compression ensures a fantastic spray pattern.


Highest Output Trigger

High output trigger at 1.3cc

Compatible with a range of chemicals

Compatible with a wide range of chemicals

Expertly Tested

Tested to deliver high performance and quality

Prevents Leaks

Venting system preventing leaks

Technical info

Components 10
Materials Single Polyolefin - PP, PE
Output 1.3cc
Weight 22.8g
Spray pattern 200mm +/- 40mm at 200mm distance
Endurance Minimum 10,000 trigger pulls
Primes Less than 10 pulls


Minerva is an all polyolefin pre-compression sprayer, meaning to function it requires a buildup of internal pressure before the closed Dome valve will open. This is achieved once sufficient pressure has built up within the sprayer, the Dome Valve will distort itself to provide an opening to create a path for the liquid to flow. Once the pressure decreases, the Dome Valve will sharply return to its closed position. This functional process will prevent liquid “fall off”, providing an even spray pattern, even particle size distribution, alongside eliminating any drips, which will prevent liquid getting on fingers when spraying.


We have a wide variety of different options for the Minerva in order to meet all your challenges, with various colours as well as bespoke tube lengths and a foaming option, get in touch with our sales team who will be able to find a solution for you.

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